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Lean Whiskey #27: Lean Coffee: Pour Over Edition & Some Inventory / Supply Chain Talk
In Episode 27, Mark and Jamie switch things up a bit with a morning recording of the show. While we could have just started our whiskey early,...

Improvements to the Covid Vaccination Process — Small and Large (and Hockey Hubs)
In this era of Covid–19 vaccination, I'm still pretty much sidelined and not on site with any clients, although I did get to visit two mass...

The WSJ is Once Again Mostly Wrong About Just in Time (No Surprise)
If you visit, for example, the Toyota factory in San Antonio, they have at least 18 ON-SITE suppliers. I've been in the factory. Many of these...

MIT’s Dr. Jonathan Byrnes on the Pandemic’s Supply Chain Shocks
Scroll down for video, how to subscribe, video, transcript, and more My guest for Episode #412 of the Lean Blog Interviews podcast is Dr....

Mark and Lee Talk About Mistakes and Lean
My latest episode of “My Favorite Mistake” is one with a heavy Lean focus, so I'm sharing it here with you today.My guest is Lee Houghton, a...

How to Spread Kindness — Not Negativity — On LinkedIn
Mark's note: I try to be a kind person. I sometimes get provoked, especially online. Wait, that's blaming. I sometimes get combative, online. I...

Creating a Culture of Learning From Mistakes at The Raymond Corporation
In today's episode, Keith and host Mark Graban talk about one of his “favorite mistakes,” misunderstanding what the common Lean /TPS method...

Zoom Out For The Whole Picture
Mark's note: Today's post is something I asked my friend Brian Buck to write up here. He wrote one previous guest post back in 2010. For...

Interview With the First American Woman to Work for Honda in Tokyo
I don't share every episode of “My Favorite Mistake” here (but I do hope you'll subscribe and listen). As a reader of this blog, you might know...

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