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Lean As A Habit
There’s a good bit of literature out there that reports on the high failure rates of large initiatives like a lean enterprise implementation. Do...

Is Agility More Important than Lean?
A friend of mine works for a company that’s always been in the consumer goods arena. It hopes to expand its B2B portfolio. The company is...

How Can Lean Help in a Crisis?
Being better able to cope with small–and large–crises is the point of lean. I remember years ago seeing a Toyota presentation at an automotive...

Your Lean Six Sigma Belt Program Is the Problem
I visited a company a few weeks ago that asks all of their employees to do a green belt project. It’s not mandatory, but completion of a project...

Reshoring Was at Record Levels in 2018. Is It Enough?
Corporate tax and regulatory cuts, rising wages and prices in China and increased recognition of the total cost of offshoring contributed...

The Forgotten Lessons of W. Edwards Deming
On June 24, 1980, NBC News released a 90-minute white paper titled “If Japan Can, Why Can’t We?” It looked closely at a growing productivity gap...

Want Higher Engagement? It’s Not Just About Hiring Better Managers
A recent article by Sam Walker in the Wall Street Journal argues that better managers are the key to delivering better results. Walker cites...

Warning to Robots: Humans Perform 72% of Manufacturing Tasks
Despite the widespread fear, and more than enough reports, proclaiming that robots will be taking over the factory floor, it seems that time has...

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